Types of Back Pain

A person’s back is among the most delicate parts inside a person’s body. A Back works like a circuit made of a column consisting of 33 bones connected with the skull and pelvis. In easier terms, a body is a machine and its back bone works like a power supply helping the entire body to function properly. One minor strain can cause the entire bone structure to collapse. If you’re an athlete or a body builder, you must have encountered back problems at least once in your life time. The entire body is affected immediately after suffering from any kind of back problem. There are a million different reasons that cause back pain. Some of them are strains, accidents and injuries, if in pain always best to seek help from a Physiotherapist in South Melbourne

Each Person Experiences Different Symptoms 

The intensity of the problem as well as the level of pain varies from person to person. For example if a person has a heavy bone structure, he might not experience any pain even after suffering from a painful injury. That may not be the case with a person who has a weak or a small bone structure.

Such a person might experience excruciating pain right after suffering from a minor muscle strain or an accident. The pain may take weeks or sometimes months to go away leaving the person possibly motion less for a large number of days, that is why seeing a local Physio Clinic Moonee Ponds will help. 

What Causes Back Pain

Back pain Moonee Ponds is a complicated experience for all those suffering from it. A person’s back is a very complex thing having hundreds of interconnected bones all complimenting each other to help the body function properly. Sometimes a slight nudge or a jolt can lead to serious back problems such as injured ligaments, misplaced discs and strained back muscle. Besides from bones, a huge number of nerves are usually connected with the back working as a circuit among the body. Sometimes these nerves are torn down or strained due to minor to major accidents. In some cases a person may be injured for a large period of time and still it is hard to identify the root cause of the problem. That is how complex back injuries can be.

Possible Symptoms of Back Pain

The nerves and bones from the back are directly connected with the brain therefore any injury to the back may directly affect the brain as well. If a person is feeling heavy or sluggish, he should immediately have himself checked by a doctor before the problem gets severe. Besides that, minor pinch like pain is also one of the major symptoms of chronic back problem. It starts with a minor pinch and ends up making the person hospitalized. As mentioned above, the back of a person is a very delicate area. One minor injury can cripple a person for the rest of his life therefore, it is very important to avoid home remedies and visit a Sports Physiotherapist Moonee Ponds the moment you’re suffering from back pain. Whether its cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae or lumbar vertebrae pain, you need to consult a specialist right away.